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NSBrand is service orented, focused on helping you tell your story.



Now it is time to put your project together. With over a decade of experience in editing products such as hard news, B to B videos, commercials, TV shows, and festival shorts, we can tell your story in the style and manner you wish. Using standard tools of the industry from Premier and AfterEffects to SpeedGrade, we can make your project jump off screen and influence your target customers.



From the inception of a great idea, there are a great deal of steps to take to make a final product that can shine.  Pre-production is one of the most important steps in that process. From concept and script development, location scouting and acquisition, and style development we can help you define how your video will look and come together before we ever get onto the set.

Production and Live Production


Once a great plan is in place NSBrand brings the experience to execute your project cleanly and in a timely manner.  From live internet broadcasts to commercial work, we make sure nothing gets left behind.  You can walk away feeling confident you have quality footage that will tell your story.

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